What is the JAIE ?

After 6 editions, the African Competitive Intelligence Days (Journées africaines de l’intelligence économique #JAIE) is the most important annual gathering of professionals in authentic African competitive intelligence, with a view to anchoring the discipline in the development of African countries.  With each edition, the ACCI gives concrete expression to its vision of CI, which it defines as “a state of mind, a process, a mechanism for the legal, rapid and secure questioning, gathering, processing, analysis and dissemination of intelligence useful for economic decision-making in competitive, hostile or volatile territories”. What emerges is a triptych that is essential to the competitiveness of public and private players converted to the ACCI’s doctrine: DEFENCE – ATTACK – INFLUENCE.

The aim of JAIE2024 is to demonstrate the effective and measurable contribution of artificial intelligence (AI) to the performance of African public and private players. The JAIE2024 will bring together AI experts, CI experts, political decision-makers, representatives of the public and private sectors, as well as civil society organisations from Africa and the rest of the world.